If the word “moonshine” calls to mind images of a couple of crimson-necked Appalachians swilling an acetone-scented, methanol-saturated hooch in desperate gulps behind a Tennessee haystack in the dead of night, let us assure you: this is not your Grandpa Jed’s moonshine. Handcrafted from a 100% estate-grown corn mash and distilled four times using copper pot stills and charcoal filters, Stillhouse Moonshine from Stillhouse Spirits Co is clearly moonshine refined. Splash a little water over a glass of Stillhouse on the rocks and allow the aroma of freshly shucked sweet corn to rise up enticingly from the ice cubes. The taste calls to mind fresh-picked summer corn as well, with a touch of unrefined sugar adding a subtle sweetness. Housed in a sleek custom-designed stainless steel can and available in flavors like Coconut, Apple Crisp, and spicy Red Hot, Stillhouse brings moonshine out from behind the late night haystack and into the sunlight without losing touch with its gnarled roots of authenticity. Grandpa Jed would sip approvingly.

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