The creators of Devils River Whiskey realized that the source of water used to craft a spirit is critically important so they opted to use the best water available in Texas. The namesake of the company, Devils River, has a long history stretching back before the idea of the whiskey was ever conceived. The Devils River is in southwestern Texas and was previously called San Pedro. Texas Ranger John Coffee Hays discovered the river in 1840 and decided it was deserving of a more ferocious name – thus Devils River. Fearsome it may be but Devils River is also a beautiful landmark and a destination for many outdoor activities. Mike Cameron, president of Devils River Whiskey, remembers going fishing there when he was in college. The place has been stuck in his mind ever since. When it was time to embark on his next venture in distilled spirits, it was an easy choice to make Devils River an integral part of the operation.

The pure foundation offered by the limestone-filtered water of Devils River is combined with a high-rye grain bill. Copper pot stills are used to turn this flavorful mash into a bold whiskey which is then aged in heavily-charred oak barrels. Finally, chill filtration ensures the desired smoothness of this whiskey is intact before it’s bottled. When the whiskey is opened, its rye component immediately introduces itself with notes of spicy pepper and nutmeg. Vanilla and fruit add soft counterpoints to these bold aromas. On the palate, a sweetness brings along flavors of honey, caramel, and oak. Devils River Whiskey wraps up with a pleasant warming finish that will leave a big Texas smile on your face. This whiskey is formidable on its own but is also recommended as the star of variations on the Old-Fashioned, Manhattan, and Moscow Mule. Enjoy it in a variety of ways and experience for yourself how water can make all the difference.

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