Most of us know better than to culturally stereotype in this day and age, but the one about Brits being dry and sarcastic? Well, plenty of them actually are and we like them that way. Taking a sip of Tanqueray’s Bloomsbury London Dry Gin is a lot like being razzed by your British mate—a bit of a harsh slap on the juniper with the uptake, easing into a pleasant herby bitterness on the finish. When the gently sweet undertones from the crushed cassia kick in, even the slightest hard feelings melt away. Master Distiller Tom Nichols created this blend inspired by Charles Waugh Tanqueray’s (Charles Tanqueray’s son) simple 1880’s recipe utilizing botanicals like Tuscan juniper, coriander, and winter savory and it was named for the distillery’s central London location at the time. We like it in a classic gimlet served up, or if you’re feeling particularly cheeky why not try it in a Bloomsbury martini with rosemary, fresh lemon and apple juice, and sage? Also fitting in with British stereotypes, it’s a bit reserved, so pick up a bottle from the limited edition while it’s still available.