Winemaker: Tenuta Olim Bauda
Wine: Gavi Del Commune
Vintage:  2014
Varietal: 100% Cortese
Price: GBP £14.99 USD $19.65

A stunningly refined and elegant Gavi, from the very talented Bertoloni brothers at Tenuta Olim Bauda. This wine’s quality really stood out given how poor the 2014 vintage was, I simply can’t wait to try the 2015 which has just become available!

Huge amounts of green apple, citrus and florals on the nose, with a grassy background note and some subtle seaside salinity; super summery indeed! On the palate citrus dominates, before subtle flavours of nectarine and elderflower are revealed; very refined, very moreish and very elegant; showing enough complexity to keep one on their toes, this medium bodied beauty is rich and oily in complexion, with a wonderful weight, mild acidity, persistent intensity and a bone dry, crisp, lingering finish.

Please don’t over chill this wine, 12-13’c is just about perfect, as is a rich fish pie and roasted asparagus!