There are few times throughout life where you are presented with the opportunity to taste a 50 year old scotch and fewer still where the price won’t empty your wallet. From the good folks at Master of Malt comes a wonderful tasting set featuring a magnificent 50 year old blended scotch and your very own Drinks by the Dram crystal tasting and nosing glass. This is the perfect treat if you have a passion for spectacular scotches or need a present that a scotch lover will never forget.

This scotch is not your normal bottle of malt. Super premium and aged to perfection, this exquisite blend is an experience onto itself. The nose is a well-developed oak with hints of honeyed golden fruits and freshly baked ginger bread. The palate (or taste for the non-aficionados) is surprisingly fruity with notes of mandarin, melon, peach flesh and even more honey. There are also traces of cocoa and other spices form the oak. The finish is superb. Smooth, clean, and beautifully oaked. This is a truly sublime experience for any scotch lover.

Yes, you only get to taste a 3cl (1 ounce) bottle of this amazing 50 year old scotch, but the flavors are so unique and so stunning that that small bottle goes a long way. This could be the single best tasting experience of your life and even better, you will get a wonderful crystal glass to remember it by.