Christmas Crackers combine all the simple joys in life: secret prizes, lighthearted cheer, and a slight explosion. Each dinner setting should be accompanied by one of these mysterious little gifts. Upon opening, a quick pop is usually followed by stringy confetti that exposes a party hat with either a small toy or sound-maker. While everyone enjoys some childish fun, putting an adult spin on it can create a whole different experience.

Drinks by the Dram took to the challenge of mixing the traditional Christmas Crackers with a little boozey flare. These re-imagined crackers still contain the prize, the cheer, and the appeasing snap. Upon successfully pulling open your cracker, you will be rightfully rewarded with a 3cl sample of an exceptional spirit or liqueur. Either stick with what you were given or work out a trade. Drinks by the Dram Christmas Crackers will add that extra dash of holiday cheer. Each box contains six crackers with a different 3cl ‘dram’, a party hat, and a lamely hilarious joke in each cracker.

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