It was a more complex time fifty years ago for whisky. The yeast and barley were far more inefficient, fermentation times were longer, and distilleries were sprawling with a variety of different maltings but this all led to a distinct flavor, a more complex flavor. The whiskies were subtle and deeply flavored which is a far cry from some of the mass produced whiskies that followed in the 1960s through the 1980s. That’s where the Half-Century Blend  from the Blended Whisky Company comes into play. Harkening back to this time of less streamlined operations, this blend is made up of only whiskies from before the mass production whisky boom that came with modernized distilleries. Limited to just 786 bottles this whisky is certain to bring you back if you can get your hands on it and if you are lucky enough then you are certainly in for a treat.

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