If you’re a mixology master traveling place to place showing off your cocktail engineering skills, then you no doubt know the importance of a bag that carries the tools of the trade.

And you no doubt know Jim Meehan. He’s the extraordinary barman behind NYC’s legendary bar PDT and its namesake recipe book, which you’ve probably seen on the shelf of every great cocktail establishment you’ve ever visited.

A touch of Meehan’s genius meets functionality with this utility bag. It’s stylish, and has the critical compartments for all of your favorite tools from the muddler to the jiggers. It also has clever pockets for other critical assets like your business cards and cell phone. Sometimes bartending is messy business too, and for that there’s a water-resistant zip pocket within the bag.

Best of all though? You can get it monogrammed.

Put your initials on this bag and make cocktails. Like a boss.