Every drink is paired with its ideal drinking vessel. Whether to bring out aromas or taste, the compatibility of glass and drink is of the utmost importance. The folks over at Nisnas Industries are no strangers to perfecting this idea and they make everything by hand.

Their recent endeavor tackles the art of whiskey. To assist whiskey consumers in maximizing their tipple, Nisnas has handcrafted an oak whiskey tumbler. Designed specifically around accentuating a taste and aroma that is complex and subtly sweet, the Oak Honey Tumbler marries cues from oak barrels with a sophisticated yet strategic design. The oak is carefully selected for its individual qualities and longevity before being transformed into a tumbler whose shape is borrowed from the classic glass tumbler but with a desirable hourglass figure and stainless steel end. By expanding the base, there’s larger surface area for the whiskey to sit thus allowing both aroma and taste to swell and build for an unforgettable whiskey experience time and time again.

Preorder the Oak Honey Whiskey Tumbler and back this incredible project here. Only you can help it come to fruition.