The morning grogginess finds its way into your body just as you go to pull off your blanket. You weigh out your options: more sleep but no coffee or less sleep but time enough to either home brew or stop at your favorite local café. Perhaps this is a rather tough decision first thing in the morning when the bed suddenly becomes that much more comfortable, but you know you need that morning caffeine jolt to get your day going.

Well, now you don’t have to sacrifice either. The Oomph is your all in one device that creates café quality coffee in minutes. The mug is the brewing system and the brewing system is the mug. With five components—external chamber, internal chamber, filter, turbine, and lid—the Oomph creates your desired coffee anytime, anywhere by the power of your own hands. Add your freshly ground coffee followed by up to 13 fluid ounces of hot water. After the liquid level has risen on the outside chamber, top off with more hot water. Now the magic happens. Use the outer shell chamber with attached lid to push the coffee under pressure while the coffee grounds are captured in the filter. Unscrew the lid to add milk, creamer, or sugar or simply pop open the lid for some incredibly fresh coffee. To clean, add some water, pump a few times, and the Oomph is ready for its next usage.

Not yet commercially available, the Oomph needs a little oomph from you. Back this device to see it on shelves and make the morning routine a little easier even if you want to get a few extra minutes in. A minimum donation of $45.50 will get you the Oomph from one their first production batches.

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