Founded in 1978 to deliver remarkable California Pinot Noir at an affordable price, Mark West Wines has equal parts patience, hard work, and passion to go from vineyard to barrel to bottle. With so many fabulous Pinot choices, it’s hard to choose which Mark West is best for you.

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But, if you’re looking for an easy answer, Mark West just released their deepest, darkest, and smoothest wine yet. Mark West Black is a perfect example of what Pinot can produce when given time to grow. The 2014 growing season was ideal for developing the deep flavors necessary to give Mark West Black its sumptuous taste. A warm spring pushed the vines out of dormancy early with no nights of damaging frost. Without heavy rains, the vines flower set right on schedule. Finally, the consistently warm summer without many heat spikes allowed the fruit to develop slowly. The resulting Mark West Black 2014 Vintage is 81% Pinot Noir and 19% Syrah. Complete with both dark and light flavors, this concentrated ruby red wine is full bodied, rich, and smooth. Hits of black cherries, plums, mocha, vanilla, and caramel embrace the palate before delivering a sophisticated and plush finish. The inclusion of black fruits really intensify the flavor profile setting Mark West Black apart from the other available Pinot Noirs. So, if you’re looking for a rich and diversely flavored Pinot, Mark West Black needs to be in your glass.

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