Where the River Deveron and the North Sea collide lies a place where land, ocean, and decades of experience gather in force: Macduff Distillery. Since 1962, skill, time, patience, and the beautiful landscape around them has inspired the creation of some truly wonderful and unique whiskies. But this year, there’s something a little different flowing through the River Devron; winds as the salty ocean air lends its own special twist to Macduff’s newest 18 year old batch. The grounded innovation of the people at Macduff, who utilize horizontal condensers in the production of the whiskey, pull their inspriration from the sea. The result? Welcome to an esquisitely flavorsome whiskey that has proven perfect for relaxing by the fire with glass in hand as the storm outside passes by.

The Devron 18 Year Old malt scotch is home to a unique blend of notes, most noticeably apple alongside other fruits and a kick of sea salt on the finish, staying true to its roots. A sweetness akin to that of butterscotch weaves in and out like the waves from its home shores. Its short finish leaves you with the comfort of nuts and good company enjoyed with the roar of the ocean in the background.