There is no shortage of things people will try to turn into alcohol, but this list will have you doing a double take. The key ingredient to each of this isn’t an exotic herb or spice, but whole animals, namely insects.

Armor Tail Scorpion Vodka
Scorpion Vodka drink me insects in drinks weird alcohol

Nothing says challenge like the sinister look of a scorpion staring at you from a bottle of pure vodka. While non-venomous the stinger on the scorpion is nonetheless very real. After polishing this uniquely infused vodka either you or your friends can see whose willing to finish the insect that remains.

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Centipede Vodka
Centipede vodka Vodka drink me insects in drinks weird alcohol

the penultimate in creepy crawlies, few would dare take a swig of your vodka with this venomous fella looking at them. A pro or con, depending on whether you want to drink alone or with friends. Regardless, this is sure to be one drink that will tickle your taste-buds in more than one fashion.

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Longhorn Asian Beetle Vodka
Longhorn Beetle Vodka drink me insects in drinks weird alcohol

We’ve all heard the occasional interesting tidbit about a beetle. Or perhaps we haven’t, if your one of the ones who cannot stand the sight of these tiny titans with shiny carapaces. If so this infused vodka, soaked with beetle, will make you wriggle.

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Spider Vodka
Spider tarantula Vodka drink me insects in drinks weird alcohol

The itsy-bitsy spider went up the vodka bottle. Ok, so that’s not how the rhyme goes, but that is what happened with this drink. The only way your washing this spider out is by partaking of the delicious vodka its in.

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Giant Hornet Shouchuu
Giant Hornet Vodka drink me insects in drinks weird alcohol

Souchuu is a potent Japanese alcohol much like vodka, and this rare concoction is so rare that to get it you’ll have to find the people who make it. When you find out they capture the deadly Japanese hornet and ferment the drink with the insects still alive in the liquid till they drown, you know why. The venom from these stingers is said to be what gives the drink its purported health benefits.

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