It’s time to quench the thirsty warrior in you with Celt Cidre Breton Traditionnel. Cider has graced Brittany with its existence since the Iron Age when Gaul warriors wandered the ancient land. They were worshippers of the sun, moon, and stars and feared nothing but the sky tumbling down and crushing them. The warriors were located in the six Celtic Nations known as the “Celtic Crescent”: Brittany, Cornwall, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Isle of Man.

Named for the proud and fearless warriors, Celt Cider, a “demi sec” cider, boasts a fruity flavor balanced by a crisp dry finish (trust me, it’s not too sweet—just right!). Celt Cider is made only from the finest apples in Brittany and is naturally gluten free with no sugar added. Authentic and traditional, Celt Cider is imported from Brittany, France so check your local stores for availability. Drink to the Gaul warriors of the past in honor of their fearless reign over the Celtic Nations.