Keeping beer fresh is absolutely critical. Therefore having an uber-geeky contraption such as this CO2 regulator for your growler is also essential.

Thanks to the growler-loving team at Billet Designs and almost $20,000 in Kickstarter funding, this CO2 regulator is a reality.

I know what you’re thinking… This is only for the biggest craft beer nerds in the universe, right? It’s actually easier to use than it looks, and the CO2 replacement cartridges are easy to pick up at your local grocery store.

I’m not judging if you’re able to drink an entire growler in one sitting, but for those of us who can’t, taking the time to get a CO2 regulator and learning how it works can reap benefits.

For those who need a little more convincing, it’s also good for keeping coffee and Kombucha fresh too. Although, knowing that my craft beer would last a couple more days after opening is enough for me.