There’s something about a classic cup of French press coffee that is perfect.

Every sip is bold and smooth right until the very drop. And then it’s just coffee sludge. Black mud that looks and tastes like industrial factory waste. Basically, it’s just gross.

Enter the Duo coffee steeper. This steeper aims to preserve the best aspects of French press coffee by delivering “big bold taste” with “no gunk.”

This coffee steeper, produced by Fellow, is designed by coffee lovers with a passion for executing on brilliant product ideas. And the product, with its etched filter and separation process, is absolutely genius.

The steeper makes coffee in three simple steps. First the coffee grounds and hot water brew in the upper chamber. In the second step, twisting the middle of the steeper separates the coffee from the grounds—yes, no sludge—and then the third step is simply pouring and enjoying.

With the Duo, coffee lovers can actually enjoy the French press right down to the last drop.