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Spirit: TRU Organic Vodka
Distillery: Greenbar Distillery
ABV: 40 (80% Proof)
Ingredients: Organic Wheat & Pomegranate
Region: California
Score: 89 Points

Organic mid-west American wheat, Californian pomegranate and water, that’s what you’ll find in a bottle of TRU vodka. The organic nature of the wheat brings forth a crisp, fresh character with medicinal notes interlaced between layers of white pepper. The mouthfeel is clean, refreshing and humble while the finish gives you a little minerality with a kick of spice before fading out. This vodka is the perfect match for no-hassle, quality cocktails, in particular, try mixing with either cranberry juice, muddled cucumber or mint.  A clean cut, well-made organic vodka with endless uses.