Crafted on a farm in upstate New York by Tuthilltown Spirit’s bottling crew, the Tuthilltown Bitter Frost Basement Bitters is a throwback to the age of prohibition and a nod to sourcing locally. Each cork-topped bottle is filtered and bottled in the basement of the well-loved Tuthilltown distillery (think Hudson Whiskey), using ingredients harvested less than ten miles away. Tuthilltown adds to the proliferation of specialty elixirs and potions that have sprouted up in the last couple years to make a truly distinct cocktail. Made from unaged rye spirit, sarsaparilla, maple syrup and fourteen other herbs and spices, the basement bitters also benefits from aging in old rye barrels. The rye character is a welcome change from most bitters that simply use a neutral flavored spirit. The result is a distinctively aromatic bitters that is crisp and warm. Perfect for a farm-to-table take on Manhattans and Old Fashioneds. 92 proof.