British entrepreneur and dedicated tea enthusiast Iona Carter was raised in a household, like many throughout the United Kingdom, with a devotion to strong, hot, high quality tea. Her family’s preference was hot Keemun tea, grown between the Yellow Mountains and the Yangtze River in China, and plenty of it. So it’s unsurprising that Iona started cold-brewing Keemun (along with Taiwanese Oolong, Indian Darjeeling, and Japanese Bōcha) when she founded Twig Teas.

What is surprising is that when given a sample of Twig Teas’ chilled version of Keemun, cold brewed without sugar, teabags, or distracting infusions, Iona’s mum actually preferred the cold brewed version to the hot English version she’d been happily sipping for years. Twig Teas’ cold brewing process produces less caffeine and also less catechins (enzymes that cause bitterness) resulting in a naturally sweeter and smoother tea without any bitter aftertaste.

An innovative cold brewed tea that could sway a loyal British mum and tea connoisseur? This is definitely one to sample.

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