When Üllo founder and CEO James Kornacki was obtaining his PhD in chemistry from Northwestern, he probably wasn’t focused on the future goal of removing sulfites from wine. But when he developed the wine purification filters for his innovative start-up in 2014, his background in science certainly came in handy.

Inspired by an aunt who continually missed out on sharing wine at family gatherings because of a sulfite allergy, Kornacki explains: “When I found out that others had similar reactions, I felt the need to create a solution. This is a completely new concept for wine. By removing sulfites, Üllo returns wine to its natural state, as if you opened the bottle right at the vineyard.”
The name Üllo, pronounced “oo-low”, is derived from the alchemy symbol for purify, and the product line includes purifiers that fit directly over a glass with an aeration option that can be twisted on or off depending on the varietal. Elegantly designed carafes and decanters can also be purchased in combination with the purifiers or on their own.

 Sulfites are actually nothing but artificial preservatives in the lives of wine, and the Üllo purifiers utilize polymer technology to filter excess sulfites and the bitter aftertaste that often accompanies them—leaving the finest characteristics of the wine to shine through unadulterated. Savor the wines you love—in their purest, most natural form.

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