Traditional wine preservation methods typically boil down to the need to keep a barrier between the wine and air to avoid oxidation and spoiling. Moving the wine to a smaller bottle so that it can be recorked with little open space is a classically viable option, but ultimately unnecessary and archaic when more modern, convenient, and effective solutions exist.

The zzysh® wine preservation tool is exactly that. Using argon gas, the zzysh® stopper seals the wine bottle before the zzysh® hand piece injects the argon gas into the bottle creating a protective atmosphere that replaces the ‘bad air’ entirely, making oxidation impossible and thereby maintaining your wine’s flavor and color for weeks after its initial opening. Simply, the argon gas forms a protective barrier against oxygen at the liquid surface, making it the most effective form of wine preservation on the market. Don’t take the chance on wasting your next bottle of wine when you only want a glass. Drink with peace of mind and zzysh® in hand.

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