Named for San Leandro brewery 21st Amendment’s co-founder Shaun O’Sullivan’s semi-legendary alter ego, El Sully Mexican-style lager was crafted in the image of the crisp, refreshing lagers O’Sullivan remembers enjoying after a day surfing or skateboarding near his Santa Monica stomping grounds. It’s not heavy, it’s not bitter, it’s not complicated, and it has no intentions of being so.

With an IBU of 19 and an ABV of 4.8%, this is the perfect spring/summer “I just mowed the lawn” beer, the “I’m considering grilling” beer, or the always welcome late Saturday morning “It’s too hot for coffee” beer. Unlike the mass-produced swill passed off as lager by the corporate heavy hitters, this craft American adjunct lager actually has, like, distinguishable flavors, and its finish is both crisp and lingering for a lighter-bodied brew.

Pouring a pretty pale golden straw color with a snowy white head with minimal bracing, El Sully has an enticing aroma of freshly shucked corn, lightly toasted bread, cereal grains, and cut grass (again leading us to the appropriateness of a can whilst lawnmowing). The palate is lightly floral malt, sweet corn, and fragrant rice with a satisfyingly fizzy carbonation level. Respresenting nothing more malevolent than a few extra buttons unbuttoned at a company function or a cheeky dip in the ocean when no one else is swimming, feel free to unleash your inner El Sully.

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