All you cider fanatics have a new one to keep a look out for and definitely add to your list. This branch to bottle concept developed by Aurum Cider Company takes a combination of your favorite apples and turns them into a tasty cider with nothing else added. The apples are harvested, crushed, and pressed right in Oregon’s Hood River Valley.

As of September, their first commercially available cider, Wildcide, hit the markets and is gaining popularity. Included in this fabulously light, golden drink is Fuji for aroma and sweetness, Granny Smith for tartness and natural acidity, Red Delicious for body, and Golden Delicious for aroma and natural sweetness. Everything is natural not from concentrate due to the flash-pasteurization of the juice so there’s no need for added sulfites. Wildcide has an overall dry, tart quality making it the perfect food pairing drink. With many unique qualities, Wildcide is a craft cider you don’t want to go without trying.

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