Pop the corks because I would like to make a toast to the launch of the interactive Champagne maps from the Bureau du Champagne, USA! Located in Washington DC, the Champagne Bureau is the United States’ representative of the Comité Champagne. They are the trade association that represents the winemaking region of Champagne, France. With the intention of educating US citizens about the unique wines from Champagne and how location is vital to the wines’ creation, the Bureau has released a special tool to increase an understanding of the vast characters of wines from Champagne.

They have created an interactive map, offering curious champagne enthusiasts a fun way to learn all about the world-famous wine appellation that produces the beloved sparkling wine also known as Champagne. Click on different towns and locales from Reims to Côte de Bars to discover their respective histories and fun facts. But don’t just stare at the map with bubbles on your mind, plan a trip and experience it first hand!

Champagne Map

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