The world’s largest and continually growing wine app (and community) has just launched yet another feature that will completely change the way we interact, discover and ultimately purchase wine.

In just 6 years, what started as a tool to snapshot and keep track of the wines you drink has turned into a community of over 23 million wine lovers and the world’s most comprehensive wine tool.

The wine-child of Heini Zachariassen and Theis Søndergaard is aimed to increase the user’s wine experience, by acting as a one-stop go-to source for everything and anything wine related. Vivino originally gained its fame from its wine label and wine menu snapshot tools. Simply snap a picture of any wine label or wine list to receive instant ratings, reviews, and average prices, giving you the perfect understanding of whether the wine(s) would fit your preferences.
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Each user’s scanned and rated wines are recorded to their respective Vivino profile where a custom chart is maintained to provide future recommendations and showcase their overall wine experience and interaction with wines based on their uploads. Not only this, but delving further into Vivino’s databank you can find thousands of descriptions on grapes, vines, food pairings, regions, countries and wine styles, making it the most comprehensive and user-friendly wine dictionary in existence. As if that wasn’t enough, Vivino Checkout allows wine lovers to purchase wine directly through the app with just 2-clicks, or access to thousands of retailers globally to be able to not just see, but get their hands on the wines that they gain an affinity and curiosity towards. It takes discovery one step further by actually pointing you in the direction of HOW you can access said wines, not just read about them and have to do the legwork yourself.
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To expand their versatility, Vivino launched their newest idea: Vivino Market. This market leverages data from the 23 million (and constantly increasing) users within the Vivino community. By taking the the information and data based on uploads and preferences, Vivino is able to create a recommendation engine that suggests unique wines that pair with the individual user’s prior rating and purchase history. The more the user engages with Vivino in terms of inputting their taste and brand preferences, the more customized these recommendations will become.
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The wines surfacing from Vivino Market are pulled from Vivino’s vast network of partner merchants around the world. Currently, 80,000 wines are available in the United States and 30,000 in the United Kingdom with more being added each and every day. It’s not just the USA and UK that benefit from this program either, with more countries set to roll out their own Vivino Markets throughout 2017. Any bottle that pops up in a search within the Market is immediately available for purchase through Vivino Checkout—the two-click system allowing for a seamless transaction.
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So, what exactly has Vivino done by releasing Vivino Market? They’ve pushed their already game-changing wine tool to more than just an app filled with great recommendations and where to buy options. They have opened the door to a one stop shop that now has the capacity to give knowledgeable wine suggestions based off tracking a user’s wine history and giving that user the ability to buy those wines all in the same place.

And its not just that – by creating this ease of access, Vivino is breaking down the barriers of snobbery and making wine accessible to millions of people who would otherwise feel too intimidated or unconfident to push the boundaries and explore different wines. It’s this kind of thinking that has allowed for the sheer growth of what is now the world’s largest wine community. By acting as a collective force, the whole industry is about to get a wake-up call and for the first time in decades a new wave of thinking has arrived.
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Vivino understands that the ability to personalize an individual’s experience and allow them to communicate that with others makes for a happy, curious and continually intrigued wine lover. Simply put, what started off as a convenient way to access information on wine based off of labels or lists has grown into an all-encompassing wine empire. The very foundation of how we purchase wine is about to get a hell of a lot more interesting.