Will you be having wine this evening?

Of course you want to, but with that tiny print and the list a mile long, you panic and simply say, “No.” Even if you have an idea of a food pairing or your preference for the night, you still rely on suggestions from your server. And what if they’re not wine people? It’s just much simpler to turn down the wine for the evening.

I’m here to console and inform you that you never have to turn down wine again. Corkscrew, a recently released app, allows diners to access wine lists from 8,000 restaurants in more than 50 major metropolitan areas. Plug in your preferred criteria and find that perfect bottle to accompany your meal. Corkscrew becomes more personalized the more it’s used; it’ll take into account your taste palate and offer suggestions. Even access your friends’ favorites and reviews for a more exciting experience. Or utilize the app by choosing the wine before choosing the restaurant. Search for a specific wine and find nearby places that list it on their menu. Compare restaurant pricings or find destinations that offer a wine list matching your palate. The opportunities are endless.

Available for free in the iTunes App Store