With many years under the belt, Pope Valley Winery might not be a new name within the wine world but carries an element of historic elegance within each bottle produced. Pope Valley coils through vast fields, undulating vineyards, and oak-studded hills resting above Napa Valley. Originally opening in 1897 as both a Winery and Olive Oil Factory, you’ll be transported back to the founding days; many of the original hand made structures still spot the property—each nail hammered a century ago, each plank of wood weathering the changing climate, each structure welcoming generations of guests. Merging the old with the new sets Pope Valley apart. Once on property, you will forget there is another world out there.

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In 1997, Pope Valley switched hands to the Eakle family and gave it its new life as the winery we see today. Now under the guidance of the next generation of Eakles, the winery continues to thrive and produce exceptional quality fine wines. Perhaps their most enticing varietal available currently is their delectable 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Reserve Napa Valley. A 20§1 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve was specifically selected from the estate vineyard and barreled for 30 months in French oak. The aging allowed the wine to obtain a rather balanced and structured body with alluring dark fruit, black cherry, and plum aromas. Absolutely desirable, the 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon is just one of many incredible choices available.

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