We’ve come a long way from the days when casinos used to be nothing more than smoke-filled dens, overloaded with gamblers wanting to win a tiny fortune, using their last few bucks.

The present-day casinos are actually entertainment hubs frequented by all kinds of people. Although you still find hard-core gamblers at these places, there’s also an eclectic mix of other kinds of people.

Another thing that is commonly observed in casinos is how people combine socialising and gambling along with some nice beverages. It may, of course, be somewhat different if you prefer playing at an online casino from within the comfort of your living room but what you lack in free drinks, you more than make up for it in convenience, accessibility and the kind of promotions that you will never find in brick and mortar casinos. If you haven’t tried any of these online casinos yet, please know all these casinos offer free spins which can give you a nice head start in the Internet gambling world! Checking out reviews of the seeming millions of online gambling games out there is crucial, though, as it’s all too easy to get lost. Always look out for those highly respectable online casinos with reputations for trustworthiness and those that offer added bonus like free spins and other sign-up offers.

Let’s now take you over the top 5 drinks you should have while playing any offline or online casino games.



There is nothing better than a bubbly and lovely champagne to go along with casino games! It’s a sparkling wine originating from the Champagne region that has almost become synonymous with winning and celebration. Although French monk Dom Perignon is believed to have invented bubbly, but English argue it was them who had discovered it 30 years earlier.

However, a word of warning! Never spray a champagne bottle around like you see Formula 1 racers doing after their presentation ceremony. It might not go down well with the fellow players or the management team.

Gin and tonic

An amazing drink created by the British East India Company during their rule over India in the 1700s, G&T was also found to be an ideal means for prevention and treatment of malaria.

However, as its bitter taste didn’t go down well with everyone, officers started mixing it with lime, sugar, water and gin, essentially for masking the quinine taste. Although the tonic water of today has much less quinine, it does remind of that pretty cool story, and makes a nice combination while playing casino games.

Here are 5 more gin cocktails you must try out for sure!

Slippery Nipple

The reason that its name is ridiculous, and how people sound while ordering it at the bar, is good enough for this drink to be included in this list!

It’s created with Irish cream and Sambuca, and if poured properly, this drink sits in multiple layers inside the glass.


The market today is overflowing with thousands of varieties of stouts, lagers and beers! Hence, you can always find one that can be sipped while spinning those slot machines! And if you’re going to have it in a land-based casino, here’s how to talk about it like a pro!

However, don’t have too much of them as beer belly is a fairly common phenomenon! Opt for craft beers if you’re seeking something extra special!

Dry Martini

Regardless of whether you are playing in some cushy room off the casino floor, or sitting on your bed in a cosy studio apartment, baccarat is a game which demands that you look as well as play the part.

So, even if you’re not wearing some nice pants, how about putting on a bowtie at least! And the whole thing would be incomplete if you don’t involve a dry martini. Preferably shaken, and not stirred, in the perfect Bond style!